If you are unable to complete your registration, there is a save and return button at the top of the form.  Otherwise submit any changes to Eve Riley at

If your dates are outside of the room block with the hotel (Saturday, September 18 - Wednesday, September 22), or you are looking to upgrade your room, please email Eve at to help book your appropriate dates/room.


If registered on or before August 26, 2021 US $1395
If registered after August 26, 2021: US $1495

This per-person fee includes: opening dinner, breaks, lunches, off-site transportation, and dinners.

*Payment for per-person cost must be paid in full before the registrant can attend the meeting. Any registrations received after September 4 must be paid via credit card. For IRS purposes under the 50%/50% banquet reduction rate, US$1005 of the per person fee is for meal costs.

If your agency registers 3 or more, the 3rd person onwards will receive a $500 discount.

Please review the cancellation terms below, which you will need to agree to upon registration.


The spouse/significant other fee is US $595 and includes the opening night dinner, Monday night’s dinner, and the closing dinner on Tuesday evening.

If your Spouse/Partner/Significant Other is planning to attend any of the general session meetings, they will need to register as a Partner Attendee.

All registered spouses, significant others, and children must pay the full spouse, significant other, child rate at the time of registration. If a spouse, significant other, or child attends any portion/event of the meeting, including meals, and is not registered, the full registration and a late fee will be charged post meeting.


You have two options for payment, select your choice during your registration. All payments must be received by September 4, 2021.

1. Credit card, via PayPal
2. Electronic invoice to pay by check or wire transfer.

Check or Wire Transfer Invoices will be generated within 7 days of registration and will be emailed to you by WPI.

If you elect to pay via credit card, a PayPal invoice will be created and sent to you within 7 days or your registration. If the invoice should go to an email address that is not that of the registrant, please email Eve Riley with that information.

All registration fees are reviewed by WPI for accuracy before invoices are issued. If your agency registers 3 or more attendees, the 3rd attendee onwards will receive a $500 discount, which will be applied to the invoice.

If you have any questions concerning your payment or invoice, please contact Sean Dockery.


Worldwide Partners, Inc. Terms & Conditions

Registrants who cancel may transfer the registration to another attendee at their firm at any time, but are not eligible for a refund. Registrants who cancel or no show will be responsible for any and all room cancellation charges.

Reservations that are canceled on or after August 26, 2021 may be assessed the expenses (room rate and service fee) of their entire booked original stay.

All registered spouses/partners/significant others must pay the full spouse rate at the time of registration. If a spouse/partner/significant other attends any portion/event of the meeting and is not registered, the full registration fee and a late fee will be charged post meeting.

Please note that your per-person costs DO NOT apply towards your sleeping room at the hotel.


In the event of another surge, lock downs or changing travel restrictions, the meeting could be canceled. In the event that WPI cancels the meeting, your per person will be refunded.

As you begin to plan your trip, we encourage you to investigate the current travel requirements and/or restrictions in place for you country, as these are changing on a weekly basis.

We also encourage you to clarify the airline’s policies on flight changes, refunds and travel credits.

Personal Data Protection

WPI agrees that it may be the recipient of Personal Data during the performance of obligations under this Agreement. “Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. WPI agrees that with respect to Personal Data, howsoever received, it shall at all times (i) maintain such Personal Data in the strictest confidence using the same degree of care that it uses in safeguarding its own confidential information, but in no event less than a reasonable degree of care, and using procedures that shall prevent the intentional or unintentional disclosure or use of Personal Data in violation of this Agreement, (ii) use such Personal Data only to fulfill its contractual obligations under this Agreement, (iii) disclose such Personal Data only to such of its officers, employees, and agents as have a need to know such Personal Data in connection with the performance of the obligations under this Agreement and then only after each such person has been advised of the obligations and restrictions contained herein, (iv) not disclose Personal Data to third parties without having first received express written approval from the person.

Privacy Policy

Please review the privacy policy on the meeting website:


Before booking your travel, please be sure to check the visa requirements for The Netherlands, as well as the latest travel requirements due to Covid-19.

Please reach out to Eve Riley if you require anything else for your visa (including any letters from the hotel).

For more information reach out to Eve Riley.