Re:Connect '23

Mark your calendar for WPI’s next Global Summit, Re:Connect ‘23, April 23-25, 2023 in Montreal, Canada!

In today’s tech-driven, automated, and remote work world, the ability to authentically connect is becoming more and more challenging. But this is business, and it is personal. Nurturing and honoring positive, reciprocal relationships between brands and consumers, between brands and agencies, and, between agencies and agencies, is critical to establishing a framework for collaborative commerce.

Re:Connect ’23 will explore the new “trust economy” where return on connection is the new KPI.

    • How are brands re:connecting with Consumers?
    • How are agencies re:connecting with Clients?
    • How are agencies re:connecting with Talent?
    • How are WPI agencies re:connecting to drive business?

Registration for the event will go live in the coming weeks. Until then, stay tuned for more event details and speaker announcements!


Hoffman approved

Greg Hoffman, Nike’s Former Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Global Innovation 

If you want your brand to inspire loyalty and change the world, you need to create an emotional bond between consumers and your product. GREG HOFFMAN, former Chief Marketing Officer at Nike, knows how to make customers feel that they are “part of something important that made them better than they were before.” When you get it right, you won’t just have customers—you’ll gain fans. Greg is one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in the business world, and his book Emotion by Design is a guide to how he led Nike’s most iconic modern campaigns and worked with athletes like LeBron James. He’ll show you that adding emotions to your brand’s story isn’t a mysterious process: it’s something you can design.

Kate Galecki (2)

Kate Galecki, Chief Growth Officer

Kate is the Chief Growth Officer at We Are Rosie where she is responsible for ushering in new clients and growing partnerships with F500 clients. Kate's zone of genius continues to be leading a growth team that is focused on our mission, messaging and go-to-market strategy for our Rosies to our clients. Kate has driven big enterprise deals with our clients and builds deep relationships with them as well as our We Are Rosie growth team.

Chris Bergeron _ credit _ Neil Mota copy


Chris Bergeron, Speaker & Trans Author, Vice President of Inclusive Creativity, Cossette

For nearly 40 years Chris Bergeron led the life of a straight male leader. She enjoyed some success: ran a magazine, worked as a Creative Director, won some awards. The typical life of a white male creative. Then she came out as transgender and began living her life as her true self. This talk explores how being suddenly thrust into the realities of life as a member of a visible and sexual minority has affected her vision of the workplace and fundamentally transformed her views on leadership.